Goar Cemetery

150N 300W

Cicero Twp., Tipton Co.


Goar Cemetery is located at the end of a long lane leading west from 300W at about 150N. Gae and I photographed the markers in late July of 2013.

The cemetery was establishd a few years after Henry Goar had entered the land of which it was part of from the U.S. Government in 1848.  The burial of four infant children of Henry and his wife Martha marked the beginning of Goar Cemetery. Later, neighbors began to use it also as a burying ground. The oldest marker found is that of Sarah Loveless, daughter of Campbell and Elizabeth, who died on September 8, 1846. Henry Goar deeded the cemetery (8 poles X 20 poles ) to the Tipton County Commissioners on January 28, 1856.

Goar Cemetery, today, is maintained by the Cicero Township Trustee. The last burial occured in 1966. 

Rows are numbered from east to west and stones south to north. Our catalog contains for the most part only the names recorded by the D. A. R. in 1980.

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