Hobbs Cemetery

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600S 400E
Madison Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana

I photographed Hobbs Cemetery by myself. Gae was in Texas and my wife, Terri, was in South Carolina and had forgotten to leave a honey-do list for me. Naturally I put my "free" time to good use. I spent two days at the cemetery in the company of a dozen young rabbits.

Strangely, two deeds exist that show transfer of the same one acre for the creation of this cemetery. In 1843 Absalom Hobbs and wife, Polly, deeded this parcel to Trustees for "school, preaching, and ?". In 1844 after the Hamilton/Tipton County line was established, Henry H. Hobbs and wife deeded the same acre of ground again to Trustees. Either way, the cemetery owes its existence to the Hobbs family.

I thought I could improve upon the D.A.R.'s numbering system - I didn't. The oldest rows are broad sweeping curves intersecting with other straight rows. Rows are numbered from east to west, stones north to south. It's a crap shoot out there.

Stones listed as missing or unidentified were found in earlier catalogs.

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