Liberty Cemetery


Liberty Baptist Church, 1921 Thanks, Heather 

350N 1000W
Prairie Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana

Liberty Cemetery is located adjacent to the Liberty Baptist Church in Prairie Township. It was established on land owned by Abraham and Lydia Kirtley upon the death on one of their children.

Abraham had received the land from the U. S. government in 1848.  In 1858 he deeded to the trustees of the Liberty Baptist Church one acre and sixty-four square rods of land for a meeting house and public burying ground.  Lemuel Kirtley, son of Abraham, and his wife Mary Jane deeded to the Liberty Baptist Church fifty-six square rods for church and burying ground in 1863. Later, in 1917 and 1962 three small parcels of land were donated or sold to the church for use by the cemetery.

Liberty Cemetery, today, is an active cemetery governed by a board of directors.

Rows are numbered from east to west and stones south to north. The rows run fairly straight. In some places cement blocks are buried flush to the ground and mark as of yet unused graves. I included the blocks in counting stones.

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