Nevada Cemetery

600N 65E
Liberty Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana

Located one-half mile south of Nevada on 600N, the Nevada Cemetery was originally one-half acre and today is one and one-half acre in size.

The oldest section, Sec. 1, was platted by William Marshall and his neighbor Samuel Denny.  A year or two later in 1852 these same two men platted the town of Nevada.  The earliest marked grave is that of Rebecca Holloway who died March 20, 1851.  This cemetery remains an active one today.

This cemetery contains many men who fought in the Civil War.  It also has a higher than average number of wrong engraved dates - mostly year of death.

Obituaries by some obscure law must contain errors, but the date of publication is always true.  If you question a date of death, check the file name of the obituary which appears above the image.  The numbers are read as month, day and year of publication.  Those dated before 1977 are from the Tipton Tribune.  Those from 1977 to present were found in the Kokomo Tribune.  (thought you needed to know)

Many thanks to my new found friend, Larry Branstutter.  God Bless you, Sir.

Sections and rows are numbered from West to East.  Stones are numbered from South to North.

MAJOR UPDATE: January 10, 2017   Most notes have been rewritten and many notes have been added. In the past few months I have collected death certificates for nearly 150 people buried in Nevada Cemetery. Much more information is now available here.

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