Pleasant Hill Cemetery

550S 785E

Madison Twp., Tipton Co.


Pleasant Hill ain’t so pleasant! Approximately 80% of the markers have been knocked down, broken or damaged in some manner and many are illegible. Gae and I spent many hours “reading” the cemetery this fall, but only a short time on the snake we found. Gae read it longer than I did since I ran faster. We returned next spring and rubbed about one third of the markers (hint: aluminum foil rubbed with a tennis ball works best). A black light is also useful (hint: it is not recommended to do this after dark unless you find it necessary to communicate with the local sheriff).

The first burial was that of Lemuel Darrow who died August 20, 1837, seven years before the formation of Tipton County. This Cemetery is the oldest one in Tipton County. The first school in the county was also nearby. Pleasant Hill is situated on land first owned by James Beeson and his wife, Sarah, who obtained the land from the U.S. government on January 2, 1835 and in 1848 they deeded the land to Thomas Beeson. On February 1, 1855 Thomas donated the parcel of land containing the cemetery to a group of trustees for a “burying ground” 12 rods 15 links by 12 rods 15 links. Today it is managed by the Madison Township Trustee.

Rows are numbered from west to east and stones north to south.

Information on unmarked graves and unidentifiable markers is taken from previous surveys of the cemetery and county death records. Image manipulation with Photoshop is also very helpful.

July 24, 2016:  Restoration work on Pleasant Hill Cemetery has begun. If you would like to help please contact the Tipton County Historical Society.

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