Sidner Cemetery


550N 50W
Liberty Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana

Sidner Cemetery is located east of State Road 19 near Ross Ditch, between county roads 500N and 600N on farm land currently owned by the Sharpsville United Methodist Church.

It is very clear from county courthouse records when this parcel became a cemetery.  On December 28, 1854 William L. Sid(i)ner of Tipton County deeded to the Public except persons of ill-fame to be used as a burying ground 16 rods by 6 rods and also a cartway.  Book F page 46.

Little else is known about the cemetery and no markers exist today.  Ira O'Banion co-founder of the Tipton Daily Tribune and early historian stated in 1927 that there were no markers present then.

In his 1927-1928 Pictorial History Atlas and Plat Book of Tipton County, Indiana O'Banion listed the following persons buried in Sidner Cemetery:  some of the children of William and Mrs. Sidner... the first wife of Andrew Jackson, Jack Burns, Sally (Plake) and  some of his children.  Also John Barlow and his wife, Patsy (Thorpe) Barlow and Thomas Plake, who met his death in Sharpsville after being stabbed by a man named Glasscock.

It is probable that Catherine Ann, the first wife of William L. Sidner, is also buried here.


Map showing the boundaries of Sidner Cemetery as determined from the original deed and platted by a local surveyor coerced(?) by Miss Gae.

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