Sisters of St. Joseph Cemetery


00NS 125W

Cicero Twp., Tipton Co.


The Sisters of St. Joseph Cemetery is simple and very beautiful. It can be easily reached from Division Rd. by a gravel lane or from the main campus by a broad tree lined path marked by the Stations of the Cross.

Any short history of the Sisters, their Mother House or Academy that was only just recently here that I might write would only be far inferior to that which can be found elsewhere on the web - I'm also lazy.

This cemetery contains a few cenotaphs. Cenotaphs are monuments erected in honor of a person whose remains are buried elsewhere.  Such markers/individuals are not listed in our catalogs.

Rows are numbered from west to east and stones north to south.

Thanks to my co-worker Jordan Cannon for answering my questions about Catholicism and proofreading this site.

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Last Updated:  Oct 21, 2023

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