15W 550S

Cicero Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana

Sumner Cemetery, once a part of Hamilton County, is located on what was Joseph Sumner’s (b.1817, d.1891) homestead.  The northern edge is adjacent to Tipton County Road 550S, on the southern edge there is a very steep drop to Wright’s Ditch.  The cemetery is roughly two acres in size.

The first known burial was that of Pirsilla, daughter of Joseph and Susannah Sumner, who died April 4, 1840.  Children of Charles Freel may have been buried here before 1840.

Much needed restoration work of the cemetery would undoubtedly yield more information on those buried here.  Several more names could of been added to the catalog but I wish to dig a little deeper first (pun intended).  Two Goodpasture markers (Row 11, Stones 3 & 4) were moved from their family cemetery to Sumner in the late 1930's or early 1940's.

Rows are numbered from west to east and stones north to south.  I made no attempt to follow the D.A.R.’s system of numbering rows.  It strikes me as if three separate cemeteries are superimposed on each other.  A map is forthcoming.

Some of my great and great, great-grandparents are buried here.

August 12, 2013 -- Added seven unmarked graves and corrected other entries thanks to Gae's hard work.

Robert Kincaid

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