Tetersburg Cemetery

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200S 725W
Jefferson Twp., Tipton Co.


The death of Selinna J Welshhans as recorded on the oldest stone in the cemetery predates Asa Teter entering the land containing the cemetery from the government in 1847 by several months. Ten years later on September 14, 1857, Asa deeded to the Tipton County Commissioners the cemetery as a "public burying ground for the dead". Today the cemetery is managed by the Tetersburg Cemetery Board.

Gae and I began photographing Tetersburg in September 2015 and that proceeded quickly. The many bees may have hurried us on. However, the large number of obituaries available took months to collect.

Rows are read from west to east. Sections and stones are read from south to north. We have identified 997 burials to date.

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