Wheeler Cemetery

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650N  675E
Wildcat Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana

Located on the south side of county road 650N in Wildcat Township, Wheeler Cemetery is situated on what was once two separate one-third acre parcels that were deeded to the Church of Christ on May 10 and July 26 of 1851.  The church at one time existed near Irving Creek.  In 1854 another church house was erected on land owned  by Thomas Jefferson Wheeler who, by then, owned the land surrounding the cemetery; hence the name Wheeler Cemetery.

There are a number of footstones here, which at first glance seem to disguise the true number of rows.  At least two of them have been wrongly placed at some date.  Rows are numbered west to east and stones north to south.  Two small children of James Pulley may also be buried here.

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