Wolford Cemetery

120S 725W
Jefferson Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana

Also known as Wimer-Wolford, this cemetery is located just south of Goldsmith on CR 725 W.

Ownership of the farm land which contains this small family cemetery has passed back and forth between three familes - Wolford, Teter and Wimer - since 1847. This cemetery is well taken care of by descendants of William and Julia (Wolford) Wimer.

The oldest stone is that of Marion W. Cole, two month old son of Newton and Sarah Cole, who died October 19, 1855.

I do not know if Valentine Wolford (Row 5, Stone 1) is buried here or in Mississippi. A new marker or a replacement was placed here some time after 1978 and his name is not included in the D.A.R. catalog of the same year.

Rows are numbered east to west and stones north to south. After promising ice cream, my wife, Terri, consented to help me photograh this cemetery on a recent Sunday afternoon.

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