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It is my goal to create serious but simple and accurate tools for genealogists and persons interested in the History of Tipton County, Indiana.  To that end, the following cemetery catalogs listed by townships are available at this time.

The "staff" at Sharpsville Ancestors has just doubled; that is to say one person has been added.  Gae Matchette whose passion is pioneer cemeteries has agreed to lend a hand.

Many thanks to Beau at Boone County Public Library, Virginia Chambers, Jeff Stout, Mr. Martin Quirk of Sharpsville, and Phil Hawkins.  Also, thanks to Ed and Debby.  For cemeteries in Howard and Cass Counties in Indiana, visit their web site at:

It is our policy to add recently deceased persons only after a respectful two weeks from date of burial. 

ACCURACY: We adhere to the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) published by the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG). The GPS is a set of criteria used to evaluate the credibility of a genealogical conclusion.

SOURCES: We use the following sources for research in no particular order --  no single source is considered more accurate than others: death certificates, marriage licenses, obituaries, federal censuses, funeral home records, past cemetery surveys, cemetery records, and family and personal knowledge. We also check published histories of Tipton Co. and online family trees for hints not facts. 

CITATIONS: Technically, what we present is a survey based on a compilation of tombstone readings plus a little research. Citations are left as an exercise for the student (there just isn't enough time nor space on these pages).

April 18, 2024: MANY, MANY thanks to the Tipton Co. Library for agreeing to host these pages!

Robert Kincaid

On line and helping St. Peter make sure he hasn't missed anyone since November, 2011


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Taphophile noun {greek, taphos 'grave'} An individual who possesses a passion for and enjoyment of cemeteries.
One who is interested in the historical aspects of cemeteries or the historical relevance of their denizens.
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